Cookouts & BioBlitz Wrap-up

BioBlitzSo, I sent in my meagre results to Voltage Gate, where the B3 records are to be aggregated, tabulated, triangulated, and all of that. Anyhow, sometimes it seems like a good idea to look back and break these things down, “post-game” talk radio style. What did I learn from the process? What are people talking about? Well — to begin with the obvious — there’s certainly a lot of stuff growing on out there, and boy is it hard to count and identify everything. Some courageous folks try to do so, however; and I was certainly humbled after surveying the results posted on some of the great nature blogs out there. Will efforts like the B3 raise eco-awareness, or perhaps lead to other unique projects based on collective observation? Will they help bloggers resist potentially crippling introspection by making them stop and look at birds and bees for a little while? These are just a few questions. Sorry, no answers today!

Well, I guess that’s that then… but in the meantime, we’ve had some perfect cookout weather. Clear spring nights, not too hot, and no flies.

Moon and campfire

Evenings like this, there’s nothing much to do but get the fire going, sit back, and listen to the coyotes howling at the moon. (I know, I know, you’d think we’re in Santa Fe or something). Before long, the dogs in the village join in, and you know it’s hard to tell which is which sometimes. It’s just like the muskrat/beaver dilemma, or the raven/crow conundrum; and when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, all of a sudden you’ve got another toss up: woodcock or nighthawk? Both sound similar: peent!

But just a thought on the campfire, and maybe roughin’ it in general: when you’ve got that cookout mentality down pat, it seems that cleanliness becomes relative. You can wipe off that old cedar shingle on your jeans and declare it ready for use as an impromptu dinner plate — on which you can place the food cooked on that rusty old grill (the fire will sterilize everything, right?). Oh, your skewer fell on the ground? No problem, just blow it off. You’ll be fine.


Of course, it helps that this all takes place in the dark…

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  2. Sonja Andic says:

    Hello I wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog especially your outdoor nature adventures [and the stamps – used to collect them once upon a time]. I am doing research for the and as I am a city dweller, blogs like yours make me feel I can get away from it anytime if I wish…
    Are you going paddling soon or hiking ? Would like to read more about those sort of things – not that your pigeon situation isn’t compelling stuff.

    Sonja Andic
    on behalf on Ontario Trails Council

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